Money is about Relationships

April 8, 2020


Ultimately, prosperity is grounded in the understanding that relationships matter most. The way we interact with where we live - who we do business with - how we connect with people, other life, the land - all of it matters.


How do you relate to 'money', though?

Is it something that you grasp, clutch, snatch, hoard, or even neglect?


Imagine for a moment,
that it has conciousness...
that it is alive.
How do you treat it?

Do you acknowledge it and treat it with respect,
like you would with any other living being?


In India, they do.
They have personified it as a Goddess called Lakshmi.
They invite Lakshmi/prosperity into their homes with great respect,
as a VIP guest. 🙏

Their front doorways often have beautiful designs on the ground,
inside is clean. In fact, their homes are transformed into temples.


Next, what do you do with money? How do you 'spend' time with it?

Do you hide it, hoard it, or lose it?
Is it a trophy to show off?
Do you spend it on items of no value that end up as waste?


Or do you use it to be healthy, develop your consciousness, help others and live your highest potential?

Become someone who money wants to hang out with and you'll find much more than money will be attracted to you! 🔥🔥🔥

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