Top Performing Ethical Funds of 2019

The Responsible Investment market has continued to grow and evolve throughout 2019. Once again they have shown strong performance with some of the top funds outperforming the index both in the Australian & International markets. Notably, 2019 saw the rise of the impact fund for retail investors. These funds are differentiating themselves from the traditional ethical fund negative-screening process, by proactively seeking out companies that are making a positive difference socially & environmentally. Essentially, these new impact funds are aiming for a true triple bottom line, where in addition to financial performance they are starting to measure their social & environmental performance. This signals an exciting shift in the narrative of financial markets. There is already some very interesting dialogue occurring with the question, "How do we effectively measure the positive impact of a company?" This is where the Sustainable Development Goals may play a significant role. Unlike ESG scores which may vary considerable depending on the country and sector, the SDG's provide a common language across countries and sectors that people from all walks of like can relate to. Over the next year, we are going to see this evolve even more with SDG's becoming more integrated into fund reporting.

Here are 2 key highlights you can find inside the latest report:

  1. Which Ethical funds outperformed the ASX & Dow Jones again (find out if your ethical fund is in the top 5)

  2. A tailored ethical investment portfolio still outperforms industry super ethical options

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