What is Your Money Personality?

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We each have a unique path to wealth, a path of least resistance where you naturally excel & thrive. In the same way that your personality determines how you relate to people, your Money Personality guides how you relate to and use money. Identifying your money personality is now being recognised by some financial institutions as an important step to understanding how to manage your money better.

Another way of understanding what your Money Personality is by considering AYURVEDA, the traditional healing system in India. From the Ayurvedic perspective, every living being has an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment. They are identified as Doshas.

Knowing & understanding your personal dosha (mind body constitution) is the key to living a long and healthy life. However, when you live against your intrinsic nature it leads to illness & disease.

Similarly, knowing and understanding your Wealth Dharma is the key to living a successful and wealthy life. And when one relates to money in a way that is not in align with their instrinsic nature, it leads to stress, anxiety, and frustration.

For example, you may naturally be a person who likes to plan and save and when you find yourself in a situation when you are required to be spontaneous and spend more than you budgeted for, you will tend to get stressed and anxious.

Extensive research conducted around the world has found that our attitudes and behaviours around money fall primarily into one of five categories, or profiles - THE VISIONARY, THE FREEDOM SEEKER, THE LOVER, THE PLANNER and THE SELF-CONSCIOUS. I have related them to an animal which best represents their qualities and used Sanskrit to name them. I call them Wealth Dharma.


Ashva Dharma – Ashva is Sanskrit for Horse and represents the visionary

Visionaries see money as a tool for self-expression and a means to follow their passion.

They are driven to do what they love for work and equally excited when what they’re working on is a great success financially. These are people who thrive on work that lets them express their vision in the world and who see money as a symbol of success, proof that their ideas and achievements are valued.

Vyaghra Dharma – Vyaghra is sanskrit for Tiger and represents freedom

These money types deeply value freedom and autonomy. It’s important to them to live life on their own terms, and to have the freedom to follow their bliss. They tend not to think about money unless it’s getting in the way of living life the way they want. They tend to have an easy-come-easy-go attitude about money, but it’s because they are resourceful—they take a big and trust they will figure it out.

Gaja Dharma – Gaja is sanskrit for Elephant and represents the King or Lord who provides for everyone

These money types see money as a tool to help others, whether it’s their partners, their children, their families, their co-workers, their employees, or their communities. Relationships come first for Nurturers, and they’ll keep others in mind when making financial decisions In a relationship or family, being a good provider is a priority for them.

Kalandaka Dharma – Kalandaka is sanskrit for squirrel and represents the planner

These money types are grounded, diligent, and consistent when it comes to their money. They enjoy accumulating it and watching it grow. They watch over their money closely, and evaluate their decisions about it methodically. They’re practical when it comes to money, and they’d rather save than spend on things they feel like they don’t need or can do without. They are comfortable with budgets and financial plans, as they value structure and control.

Karka Dharma – Karka is Sanskrit for Crab and represents the self-conscious. In this aspect the self-conscious is overly concerned with self-protection.

Each of them has a unique relationship with money with different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this will help you bring greater balance to your money management.

For example, the Ashwa Dharma money type is prone to taking risks with money. It might serve them well to slow down and read the fine print before jumping headfirst into anything. And the Kalandaka Dharma money type would benefit from having an account that was allocated to spontaneous fun.

As with any sort of profile you are ultimately a mix of everything. You will, however, have one, in particular that stands out as your dominant theme. If you would like to identify and understand what your unique Wealth Dharma is contact me at Adrian@argonautfinancial.com.au to go through a Wealth Dharma questionnaire.



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