December 18, 2017

One of the most important things I've learned over the last few years of being part of the conscious business movement is that it’s consumers who have the most influence in making a lasting impact in the world. After all, how we choose to spend their hard-earned dollar...

November 28, 2017

As a financial planner, I’ve recently had many people ask me about Bitcoin. It seems a bit of a mass craze has developed likened to Tulipmania. I thought it would be timely to bring some clarity and awareness to what it really is.  

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was origin...

September 28, 2017

I love this time of year. With spring comes new growth, a sense of anticipation, hope, positivity and... Good Money Week!

Good Money Week is a celebration of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance. Also known as Ethical Investment Week, the celebration aims to e...

August 13, 2017

As a kid you probably grew up hearing Aesop’s Fables. These little stories all have a moral designed to teach kids (and adults) to live better lives and to be better people. Many of these stories deal indirectly with financial topics. Fables, parables and legends have...

July 24, 2017

We each have a unique path to wealth, a path of least resistance where you naturally excel & thrive. In the same way that your personality determines how you relate to people, your Money Personality guides how you relate to and use money. Identifying your money persona...

June 20, 2017

As an investor, you own a share in a company. A certain number of shares gives you a right to vote. This is a powerful way to create positive change in the world.

A recent report revealed that last year, almost 40% of all shareholder resolutions were related to sustaina...

April 4, 2017

Divestment is the opposite of an investment – it simply means getting rid of specific stocks, bonds, or funds in an investment portfolio due to ethical, financial or political reasons.

There have been several successful divestment campaigns in recent history, including...

August 8, 2016

The 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh put a spotlight on corporate social responsibility. The death of 1,127 factory workers raised awareness of the fact that improving factory safety in Bangladesh could cost as little as 10 cents per garment. While the v...

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